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Tuesday 15 October 2013

Here are a few photo's from my current showing, This Salty Water," at the Christina Parker Gallery in St. John's, NL. 

You can see my most current work at this link on my web site. http://www.geraldvaandering.com/albums/album/this-salty-water-most-recent-wor?p=1&s=UA-29107923-1

Or at this link at the Christina Parker Gallery.  http://www.christinaparkergallery.com/artist_gallery.asp?artist_id=90

Or read about it on this link from The Telegram, the St. John's Newspaper.  The links to the images they provide are not working properly so you don't see the images they tried to post. 

Or.... better yet read about it here on Gloria Hickey's blog.  http://gloriahickeycraftwriter.blogspot.ca/

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