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This blog is here for those who want to see and comment on what is most currently happening in the studio. You can also check my web site at www.geraldvaandering.com

Saturday 23 March 2013

Still a work in progress, I hope to get these done in the next week. Check out the previous posting (Scroll down.)     These are the same pieces brushed over with numbers printed over top.  Still looks good.  I always hate to move on to the next stage but I will.  (It is good to be back on track with this project) Note: Ultimately the green masking taped edges will come off. 

Tuesday 19 March 2013

Help.  I have these beautiful pieces that will soon be covered.  This often happens half way through a piece,  I love what it looks like but it is only half way to completion.  Most of this simple beauty will be covered by the time I am finished.